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Dean Ambrozich was shocked when he was promoted to a Senior Project Engineer within a year of starting work at Pro-Craft. Despite the surprise, Dean was excited and more than ready to take charge in a leadership position and strive to improve the workflow. 

“I came in with an electrical background and was unfamiliar with any of the company operating procedures,” Dean said. “One year later I am now the Senior Project Engineer. It wasn’t easy but the hard work that I have put in was recognized.”

Dean described Pro-Craft as a company in which one could easily move up the ladder, using his own experience as an example. With time, dedication, and drive, anyone can rise to the top.  

Dean also has high hopes for his branch of the Pro-Craft offices in Redlands. 

In 5 years I see the Redlands office expanding and possibly looking for a larger building,” Dean said. “I see all open seats filled and 5 times the amount of projects we currently do a year. There is only one way and that is up!”

Dean credits his rightful optimism to the McFayden family and the incredible team Pro-Craft currently operates with. He envisions any open seats not currently filled by a talented team member to be filled quickly and hopes to be completing 5 times the amount of projects the team currently completes per year. 

As for his personal growth within Pro-Craft, Dean hopes to gain as much knowledge as he possibly can within every department. 

“I want to learn the business and become the Operations Manager at some point,” Dean said. “I want to be involved. The road will be long and might be bumpy but I am ready for it!” 

When asked what the best part about working at Pro-Craft was, Dean decided it was the team mentality. He emphasized the extreme friendliness of the people, and their willingness to help one another out in any way they can at any time. Pro-Craft makes each member of the team feel a part of the machine, where everyone always feels very appreciated.

“The McFayden family is heavily involved with the business and very hands-on,” Dean said. “The team they have assembled makes working for Pro-Craft as enjoyable as possible.”