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James Tolman is committed to consistently producing Pro-Craft’s “Signature of Quality”.

Personally I am looking to grow and increase my knowledge of the construction management process,” James said. “Leading to managing projects from start to completion with the “Signature of Quality” Pro-Craft continues to strive for.”

According to James, Pro-Craft is the perfect company for someone to start at the bottom and work their way to the top, and team members are always given ample room to progress. 

“Many current team members have started off at one position and have been promoted to a position with increased responsibility,” James said. “Also, if a team member’s abilities are better suited for a position in a separate department, Pro-Craft puts them in the best position to succeed.”

His time at Pro-Craft has been nothing but great. He appreciates the fast-paced and always interesting environment, but most importantly he appreciates the team dynamic created and upheld by the McFayden family. 

“If a project fails to meet the mark that we have set – there is no finger-pointing, rather, the team comes together to identify shortcomings,” James said. “Then uses the knowledge gained to succeed on future projects.”

In 5 years, James sees the stellar teamwork of the San Fernando Valley location growing into a fully developed, self-sustaining, hub of operation for the western region of Southern California. Although separated by location, James envisions San Fernando carrying on the same culture and mission established by the company at its original location.

With Pro-Craft’s level of seamless teamwork and efficiency, the kind of future James pictures for the company appears to be on its way. 

“From the top-down everyone is working together to effectively handle any obstacle thrown our way,” James said.