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Matt Claussen referred to Pro-Craft as a strong, family-oriented business environment. 

“Employees are at the top of their field, in both experience and expertise,” Claussen said. 

He feels that Pro-Craft is one of the few companies that gives their employees ample room to grow and progress within the company. Pro-Craft does this by putting a strong emphasis on the education of their staff, and by listening and receiving feedback from their current team members. 

When it comes to employee growth, and whether or not a team member has the opportunity to gain a top position, Claussen thinks Pro-Craft is always looking to promote hard working employees when appropriate. 

As a member of Pro-Craft’s San Fernando team, Claussen hopes to see positive growth within the next 5 years. 

“I would like to see the San Fernando office with a strong staff who can replicate our core values and be able to manage the increased current projects volumes that are handled by Pro-Craft; and allow the company to increase its market share throughout LA and into new regions.”

When it comes to Claussen’s own personal goals within the company he has big plans for himself and the future of Pro-Craft. 

“I would like to lead the LA Division into the future and be the senior manager for this new division,” Claussen said. 

When asked to describe the best part about working at Pro-Craft, he acknowledged his team members and highlighted the amazing people of Pro-Craft as what really makes it so amazing.

“The employees and senior managers work together as a team and are always willing to assist with anything that is needed.”