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When Tyler Eschrich was being promoted to a Sr. PM/PE, he remembers what a rewarding process it was. 

“Making the leap to a higher position felt as if the hard work was recognized,” Tyler says. “There is a sense of credibility that comes with promotions, and makes the effort put in each day rewarding.” 

For others looking to follow the same path and grow within the company, Tyler advises them to be patient and watch their hard work and persistence pay off. Eventually, the experience you put in with the company will be recognized.

Tyler cited Pro-Craft as the perfect example of a company in which one could start from the bottom and grow within the company to the top.

“I started at Pro-Craft as a journeyman just turning out, and have climbed to the position I’m in today,” Tyler said. “Continued personal growth in my professional field has led to my growth in the company.”

Personal growth is not the only thing that Tyler has experienced within Pro-Craft. He says he expects a lot of growth from his branch of the company within the next 5 years. 

“I feel the company has a good comprehension of its staff, and the ability to monitor and correct wasteful expenses,” Tyler said. “The continued research in tech and efficient business processes should put us above our competitors.”

He envisions Pro-Craft eventually becoming a niche company who offer a completely different plumbing and construction experience thanks to their advanced technological processes.

Tyler feels that he has met nearly all of his goals within the company. He has considered venturing into teaching team members in his old position the methods he used to grow to his current position, and even pick up on new methods that worked for others. His new goal is to reach an even higher level of success and profit margin on each new project.

The best part about working at Pro-Craft for Tyler? The environment. 

“I feel that there is understanding of each individual’s personal struggles,” Tyler said. “Work is important, but so is life outside of work. Pro Craft has always been good at allowing some time for me to resolve personal issues. I don’t feel like I am going to be penalized for dealing with life’s struggles.”