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It’s time to give another Pro-Craft employee shout out! This month’s spotlight is for Dean Ambrozich, our Senior Project Engineer for Redlands. He wasn’t always our SPE, but within a short year of starting with us, he was promoted to his current position because of his hard work and a good eye to spotting potential concerns within the job.

In a recent interview with Dean, he sees Pro-Craft growing and the Redlands office getting even bigger with all available seats being filled and increasing the number of active projects in a year. We believe this is possible with the leadership of Dean and everyone in the Pro-Craft team. He sees the best part of working with Pro-Craft as the team mentality and friendliness of the people and willingness to help each other!

We want to thank you, Dean, for all your hard work and dedication to this team. We are lucky to have you. Make sure to send Dean a huge congratulations! Check out the rest of the interview here.