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Matt Sheer

We are back again with another employee spotlight! We are recognizing Matt Scheer, one of our leading Foremen. Matt is a big deal here at Pro-Craft. Have you heard the story yet? 

Our grandfather worked for Matt’s grandfather at a tool and die business in La Habra. Ten years ago Matt was a 2nd year union plumbing apprentice who was mostly sitting on the bench. Matt had the burning need to build his career and support his family when he connected with Tim McFayden through our grandparents. Matt then joined the Pro-Craft team, signed up at ABC SoCal as a first year apprentice and quickly moved up to Foreman in 2014-2015.

Matt has earned everything that he has with hard work and accountability. We appreciate who he is, how he develops the next generation and his ability to do all our services offered. He is the foundation of Pro-Craft and we thank him everyday for choosing us!