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Lake Gregory Dam
About This Project

Lake Gregory Dam Outlet Valve Replacement

Crestline, CA

Contractor: San Bernardino County Special Districts

Completion: 2015


Demolition of 160CF concrete bulkhead and 200LF of 12″ piping inside tunnel. Install 183LF of 30″ pipe in tunnel and construct new 14ft bulkhead. Concrete valve vault with a 36″ tee and three 36″ butterfly valves and a 30″ blow-off pipe. 206 LF of buried 30″pipe, stone headwall, rip rap, minor grading, and drainage improvements.

Subcontracts include:
CMB Structures
Global Diving and Salvage (installing underwater plugs in tunnel and replacing intake grate)
HPS Inc. ( Hydro Demolitions of bulkheads in tunnel)
Cellcrete (tunnel slurry)
GJR Electrical