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Step Platinum

Award-Winning Safety Culture

ABC- STEP Platinum Safety Award, 2018
ABC- STEP Gold Safety Award, 2012-2017
ABC 2019 Top Performer

Pro-Craft has long been committed to the health and safety of every team member by providing a positive Safety Culture. We believe this starts with a strong foundation through education and involvement; striving to not only meet industry standards but far surpass state and federal standards. Being a 5-time Gold ABC Step Program and most recent Platinum award recipient, we are honored to have been recognized for our commitment to our enduring goal of proactive safety and education.

In addition to a dedicated in-house safety team, we seek additional observance from a well-recognized 3rd party specialist. Our team is fueled with direct communication as well as continuing education offered at no expense. With safety a top priority from start to finish. All new team members are welcomed with a 2-day safety orientation that is the groundwork to our pursuance off our overall safety culture.

Current EMR: .71

2019 EMR: .71

2018 EMR: .72

2017 EMR: .73

2016 EMR: .79


Doing the right thing even when no one is looking. It is important to have a consistent moral and ethical standard in order to insure dependability when establishing safety rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.

Leaders demonstrate a commitment to safety in their decisions and behaviors. This insures that preventative measures are always taken account for in order to ensure maximum safety.

Training provides leaders with the knowledge and understanding of the tools that maintain safety systems and processes. Leaders can then securely ensure that all safety measures are effectively in place.

Planning identifies hazards and risks of operations then allows for detailed evaluations. Planning minimizes risk while improving quality and production. Planning anticipates possible dangers and allows for required actions to be implemented.

An environment where personnel feel free to raise safety concerns without fear of retaliation, intimidation, harassment, or discrimination. Stop Work Authority establishes the ‘authority and obligation’ of any individual to suspend a single work task or group operation when the control of a health and safety risk is not clearly established or understood.

Pro-Craft Constructions commitment to safety and quality has given us the ability to use only highly trained and skilled professionals to provide our customers award winning quality projects delivered safely and on time.