Leveraging Technology and Field Experience For a Superior Process

General Engineering

Reverse Engineering

How Pro-Craft Made the Process Better


Why do General Contractors and Owners love design-build projects with Pro-Craft? A comprehensive approach was developed with the end in mind: If we were the GC on a project, what would we want from our subcontractors?

The answers to this question transformed into a highly detailed and efficient process that defines Pro-Craft’s design-build capabilities.

Design Build & BIM

Accuracy is Key

The Bidding Process Produces “Outfront” 3-D Drawings


Whether for plumbing, site utilities, and/or fire protection, Pro-Craft is known for its preparation and planning. As a Design-Build project is bid, 2-D drawings are turned into 3-D drawings even before securing the job. This creates the most accurate estimate for clients. For a GC, there is nothing worse than RFIs Generated from a superficial bid. At Pro-Craft the work is put in upfront to enhance accuracy.

Oftentimes, we submit drawings as a courtesy to the project engineers in advance…to positive feedback: “You’ve provided a nice road map for us to work with. You’ve made our life easier.”

Design Build & BIM
Pro-Craft Mechanical Piping

Designing for Constructability

Technology Plus Field Experience Equals Constructability


Pro-Craft’s advanced designbuild capabilities lie in highly experienced designers and state of the art technology. To accurately design and fabricate plumbing and underground utility systems, Pro-Craft combines laser scanning with building information modeling (BIM) to build virtually before building physically.

The real Pro-Craft difference lies in design team leadership by professionals with extensive field experience. While computer-aided design has advanced the industry immensely, there are still times computer designs don’t accurately translate to real world construction.

Pro-Craft’s design team utilizes its deep construction background to ensure the final BIM product is actually build-able and meets building codes. It’s a human element added to technology to ensure constructability and provide timely value engineering. Issues are ironed out before work starts, saving time, money, and headaches. 

Design Build & BIM

Saving Time and Money

Accurate Design Allows for “Out in Front” Pre-Fabrication


Pro-Craft’s advanced designs provide a trade-coordinated, clash-free 3-D model allowing for enhanced pre-construction preparation and planning. In a 50,000 sq. ft. facility, inventory is stored and systems are pre-fabricated prior to starting construction. This well-oiled process enables crews to hit the ground running, heading off any delays.

By fabricating offsite and then delivering the units “Right-on-Time” for installation, the result is increased craftsmanship, minimized risk, enhanced safety and, in general, seamless construction. GCs love this stealth approach. Pro-Craft gets in and out quickly and efficiently, saving time and money.

Design Build & BIM
Pro-Craft working onsite

A Step Above

Excelling in Complex Projects Across Various Markets


Pro-Craft has become known for:
• A large volume of projects
• The size/scope of projects
• The ability to excel on the most sophisticated and complex projects

The more complex the project the more valuable Pro-Craft becomes. With one contract for both design and construction services, a unified workflow is created from pre-construction to owner turnover. 

Design Build & BIM

Pro-Active = Professionalism

The Pro-Craft Way is Pro-Active and Professional


In addition to cutting edge technology and a DBIA certified team, Pro-Craft is known for its elevated company culture with strong values and a mission based on building long-term relationships and “doing what we say we’ll do.”

The Pro-Craft Way is Pro-Active:
• Diligent planning
• Detail oriented
• Complete safety focus

The Pro-Craft Way is Professional:
• Methodical execution 
• A positive, collaborative approach 
• The finest in craftsmanship and quality work product backed by a
  1-year warranty.

Design Build & BIM

Design-Build Better Means

A positive, collaborative approach

The highest level of quality craftsmanship

A focus on planning and Pro-Active execution

State-of-the-art design technology

Field know-how that ensures constructability

Vast experience on sophisticated projects

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