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Construction is rarely a smooth process, which is why we try to be as Pro-Active as possible on all job sites. Our Design-Build service and the latest technology allows us to streamline our work and be more efficient in the field. Our Design-Build project delivery method enables project owners to use one contract for both design and construction services. This creates a unified workflow from pre-construction to owner turnover and removes all the confusion from the client’s end and lets us handle the coordination. 

It is important to ensure we are using the latest technology on our projects. This helps Pro-Craft stay ahead of the curve, significantly reduce any risk of error, and ultimately cut time and money spent on the project. We use equipment like Building Scanning, BIM, Trimble, and more from project to project. Building Scanning is used to capture detailed data of every nook and cranny on a job site. We use BIM to collaborate on the planning, design, and construction of a project. The design team then sends the layout to the Trimble Robotic Station that uses GPS technology to map out and measure where the pipes need to be placed. Using these technologies allows us to build smarter and more accurate projects for your clients.

  • Design
  • Budgeting
  • Constructability
  • Construction
  • Value Engineering
  • 3D Modeling
  • Building Scanning
  • BIM: Building Info Modeling, is a 3D model-based platform that gives our team tools like 3D visualization, change management, building simulation, data management, and building operations.
  • Trimble: The only way to bring the design intent to the field is with Trimble. Our Design Department sends the layout to the Trimble Robotic Total Station, which then uses GPS technology to map out and measure points for accurate layout and placement. This technology can be used on various projects including building site utilities, existing grades, pipes flush with slab for tilt-up panels, overhead layout, wall sleeves, and more. 
  •  Autodesk Suite: The use of building information modeling which is a process involving the generation of digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of places. 
  • SysQue: Allows the real manufacturer content to be modeled into the system with construction and fabrication levels of development (LOD 300 and 400). This includes pipe connectivity, true cut lengths, fitting counts, are more.
  • GMP
  • Progressive
  • Time and Material